Successful Women Entrepreneurs Pay It Forward

Successful Women Entrepreneurs Pay It Forward

We've built 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses.  We've innovated game-changing products, some to disrupt whole industries. We’ve raised millions of dollars in investment. We’ve written bestsellers. We’re making a lasting impact on our world.

And yet most of us are succeeding in silence. 

Women entrepreneurs don't fit the “pattern”.

We don’t wear hoodies. We’re not toiling away in our garages. We didn’t drop out of Stanford, MIT or Harvard. And we’re not eating ramen (too many carbs!)

Most likely we have deep domain expertise, we're experienced leaders who have hired and fired, and many of us chose to reinvent ourselves as entrepreneurs starting in our mid-30s…because many of us got tired trying to innovate from within a stratified corporate structure and hit the glass ceiling. 

We realized there is no ceiling in a house you build yourself.

So now more than 50 of us are gathering together over five days to pay forward all of what we've learned as pioneering women – innovators, influencers and investors – at the WINGS of Success Summit.

From April 23rd-27th, we’ll be sharing all the ways we're rewriting the rules of business, innovating in fresh new ways for social good, reinventing ourselves in ways that honor our authentic feminine power … being bold, thinking big, and building 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses.

And we'll be revealing for you all the success habits and #MindsetMojoMoney methodologies you can implement right away to manifest success in business and in life – no matter whether you're taking the first leap into entrepreneurship with a “side hustle” or you're trying to get unstuck from the “startup sticky floor”, or you've got serious traction and you're ready to scale big.

You'll …

  • Step into your authentic power… and align your soul and true mission with your business
  • Shift your mindset to retire any limiting beliefs so you can manifest the success & impact you truly desire
  • Clone the success habits of successful entrepreneurs and put into practice their secrets, tips, & strategies
  • Gain confidence, connections, & capital
  • Get the inside skinny on how to finance your dream business
  • Taste that secret sauce that aligns you to your passion and converts that purpose into a profitable business 
  • Rewire your brain & let go of any limiting beliefs keeping you from success
  • Find your authentic voice … and craft that standout message in a noisy marketplace & leverage your personal brand so you can attract your ideal clients
  • Get the roadmap to financial freedom & independence to live the life you love
  • Know where exactly to focus your time & energy for immediate results

And much more!

If that sounds good – please join us – it's free for live streaming.

You'll be masterminding with women like Kara Goldin of Hint, who is close to $1bn unicorn status, and Tina Sharkey who is building a massive movement with brandless. You'll hear self-care tips from JJ Virgin, the bestselling author fast scaling her 8 figure health care business. You'll learn how to build mass influence with Teresa de Grosbois. You'll retire any “money blocks” when you hear Christy Whitman and Darnyelle Jervey Harmon. You'll learn from investors Lauren Flanagan, Anu Duggal and Fran Hauser, and much more!

I can't wait to see you #GrabYourWings!

More details at – where you can also lock in lifetime access at a super special early bird discount before the Summit kicks off next Monday 23 April. That way you can watch all the recordings at your convenience with a click of a download or replay button – for less than the cost of a mani-pedi or a nice dinner out.

Hope to see you!

And catch me at if you have any questions! Let's fly.

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