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Along my journey – as the roads of personal growth and business growth converge – I have been incredibly fortunate to meet and work with such inspiring people. It’s a testament that when your outward actions start to align with your inward journey, your “Big Why” mission and what resonates most deeply with you, that incredible opportunities and people appear in your life. I'm bursting with gratitude to be in the company of so many insightful, beautiful and inspiring people.



Investor and entrepreneur Chris Plough provides a testimonial on the work of Verifeed CEO and founder Melinda Wittstock, who has innovated predictive social intelligence algorithms using AI and machine learning to help brands and businesses find pre-qualified leads and influencers – and engage in an authentic and personalized way at scale.

Chris Plough

Entrepreneur and Investor

JeremySlate Melinda Testimonial

Jeremy Slate, entrepreneur and host of Create Your Own Life podcast, provides a testimonial for Verifeed's Melinda Wittstock.

Jeremy Slate

CEO Get Featured and Host, Create Your Own Life Podcast


Lynne Twist, author of Soul of Money and founder of the Pachamama Alliance, provides a testimonial for entrepreneur and podcaster Melinda Wittstock

Lynne Twist

Author Soul of Money and founder of Pachamama Alliance

Terra Goeres Ramachandran on Melinda Wittstock

Terra and her husband Dush run the Underground Online Seminar, where Melinda Wittstock first unveiled her Return on Authenticity™ algorithms and protocol for genuine personalized connection on social media to build brand buzz and convert growing numbers of customers and influencers. This is her testimonial.

Terra Goeres Ramachandran

Underground Online Seminar

Veronica Cool testimonial for Melinda Wittstock

Veronica Cool of Cool and Associates is the go-to person for anyone that wants to market and serve the $52 billion Hispanic market in the US. She worked with Melinda Wittstock to craft the social media strategies to understand and best engage this market.

Veronica Cool

Entrepreneur and CEO of Cool & Associates

Shari Aldrich

CEO and Founder, Body Mechanics


“I was so impressed I invested in the company”

My company Zero Limits Ventures was an early adopter of Melinda's extraordinary technology at Verifeed and how she makes the insights she gets from her ssocial intelligence actionable for real results. I was SO impressed, I invested in the company and recommend it to everyone I work with. If you aren't using it, you should!


CEO & Managing Partner, Zero Limits Ventures

“Melinda is a star, a true visionary”

The most exciting thing about Melinda is her intellect, followed closely by her passion for her work. Melinda remains a star in the digital news and social media arena because she has worked hard to develop an essential knowledge of the best environments for gathering and sharing news; and, she combines that knowledge with the intellectual curiosity of an explorer.

Patricia Gottesman

Independent Director, NYSE:WWE; Entrepreneur, Member of the Committee for Economic Development

“a thought leader and energetic contributor to the field of journalism and social media

Melinda is outstanding in every sense of the word – a thought leader and energetic contributor to the field of journalism and social media – an innovator and relentless seeker of excellence in people, technology and content – a decision-maker with spot on judgment – a person with great intellectual curiosity, commitment to balance in private and public life and most important of all, an “over the moon” fondness for golden retrievers.

Celia Straus

Founding Member and VP WeServe

“a rare combination of qualities”

Melinda is on a personal mission to transform the process of consuming news and social media feeds. She has deep experience and understanding of these areas, and how to create needed changes. As a CEO and leader she has a rare combination of qualities: Extremely competent, insightful, innovative, inspiring, and tireless.

Duncan Work

CEO and Co Founder Trusted Sharing, former LinkedIn CTO

“She delivers a ‘win-win’ solutions for her clients”

Melinda drives the passion, vision, and results for a practical, but edge of the art technology platform. She balances actionable customer intelligence with strategic plans that delivers win-win client solutions. Melinda has an ‘Oz Factor': heart, courage, and brains – that equips partners to connect with customers using 21st century tools to drive real, measurable, and pivotal results.

David Conley

Founder Limitl.es

“To have all these skills in one person is a rare occurrence

Melinda combines a deep knowledge of the news medium with a keen sense of the effectiveness and appropriateness of algorithmic methods to classify and interpret the significance of potential new stories and social media posts. These talents complement her demonstrated abilities to manage the development of information systems to accomplish these tasks. To have all these skills in one person is a rare occurrence in an industry, which is historically driven more by subjective decision=making and obsolescent legacy editorial practices.

David Lawrence

Enterprise Data Architect, Visiant Health

“A go-to speaker who will wow a crowd”

When I asked for a go-to serial female entrepreneur who could wow a crowd and provide tangible advice to Millennial women in the workforce, the go-to response was: “Talk to Melinda.” She delivered an impressive, genuine, and actionable speech at Google, where her passion for algorithms and data exuded along with her desire to connect and empower young entrepreneurs. Melinda's insight is based in her deep repository of experiences and expertise in journalism and data, but translates to both young and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. Audience members at the Google event noted that her advice was real, relatable, and readily implemented. I highly recommend working with Melinda and considering her as your #1 resource to deliver a creative and thoughtful presentation that feels directly applicable to each person in the audience.

Ashley Wells

Strategy and Operations Senior Consultant Deloitte


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