Women Funding Women: Venture Capital

Women Funding Women: Venture Capital

We all know how hard it is for women entrepreneurs to raise venture capital.

By most accounts, scalable startups founded and run by women that qualify for #VC money – because they stand a chance of getting that 10X return for investors – only get 2%-5% of the available money.

So that's why I never miss any opportunity these days to help other women entrepreneurs achieve the “mindset, mojo and money” combo that helps them realize their dreams!

It's why I launched the WINGS of Inspired Business Podcast, after all, my moonshot being to invest $10 million+ over the next 10 years in 100+ female-founded startups.

So it's so exciting to see here women venture capitalists stepping up to change the game for female founders.

Female Founder Office Hours

Check out this series of events, staffed by female partners from a collective of VC firms.

They are offering 40 one-on-one office hour slots with 10 female VC partners from Benchmark, Canaan, Cowboy, Forerunner, Freestyle, Lux, Sequoia, and Reach.

Their goal is for every female founder to walk away with a bit of advice from some female investors and a few new female founder friends that they can count on.

Here are some events coming up soon:

Boston Female Founder Office Hours (Seed and Series A)

When: Tuesday, February 27, 8am – 11am

Where: Cambridge, MA

>> Apply Here

LA Female Founder Office Hours (All Stages)

When: Tuesday, March 13, 9am – 12am

Where: Santa Monica, CA

>> Apply Here 

See past and future cities here: https://www.femalefounder.org/

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