Christina Daves – Minisode

Inventor and PR For Anyone Founder Christina Daves puts on the “Advice Wings” to share her tips on how to play the “pinball” game of entrepreneurship, from staying true to your passion to “me time” – and what’s inspiring her right now.

Show Notes

Christina Daves learned the hard way how to generate free publicity when her invention – a fashion designer medical boot – was struggling in the marketplace in the early stages of her startup.

With no budget, she had to rely on her ‘inner scrappy’ and find a way to find customers by generating free media coverage and getting traction on social media.

She got her company CastMedic on The Today Show, won Steve Harvey’s Top Inventor competition and boosted her social media following to more than 75,000.  Now she helps other businesses generate buzz for free.

Learn in this episode:

  • How to “roll with it” by staying true to your passion, no matter where or how your startup gets bounced on the “entrepreneurial pinball machine”.
  • Why its OK to try and fail
  • Why it’s better to lose money than time
  • Make sure you are making time for you
  • And other great tips for women in business and much more!


More about Christina here:

Read the full transcript here:

109 An Inventor Reinvents Free Publicity To Drive Business Buzz

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