Danielle Brooks

It’s hard to succeed in business or in life unless we are fit and healthy Danielle Brooks, the founder of Lake Washington Wellness, talks about her own struggles with food and how she was inspired to become a nutritional therapist and entrepreneur, and write her book Good Decisions Most of the Time.

Show Notes

Danielle Brooks says the inspiration for her business and her book came from her own journey with food.

“I grew up with five kids, and when the dinner bell rang we came running, arms reaching and food was flying and there was this sense of scarcity in the household. And of course that wasn't true. We always had more than enough food but, inevitably I would get there and I would heap too much on my plate and I would eat too much. And so, I struggled with my weight most of my life and it was constantly up and down, up and down,” she says.

Danielle turned her personal challenge into a business mission and now helps countless women and men get – and stay – healthy and fit.

She has grown two companies, Lake Washington Wellness and Good Decisions, Inc. and is the author of Good Decisions Most of the Time.

Here are some of Danielle’s tips for women in business:

  • Hire Smarter Than You: “I made the decision to hire better than myself and it was very hard for my ego in the beginning. The big advice that I would say is, if you can, set the go aside and look for people who know how to do what you want done better than you do. And that lesson has stayed with me through my career.”
  • It’s OK to Pivot: Sometimes market conditions change and you just have to change up your business. It’s OK. Don’t take it personally, take it as market feedback, and listen! “If I hadn't made that decision, I would not be experiencing the expansion that I'm experiencing today,” she says about her pivot at Washington Wellness.
  • Entrepreneurialism is Therapy 101: “Because you're coming up against your fears and your boundaries and your self-confidence. And we always want to judge and compare. You know, judge and compare, how am I doing? I see somebody else doing something and I think, “Oh, I should be doing that.” Once you do that a few times, it's like knocking your head up against a wall. If it's really hard, I believe we're not following our own intuition.”


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