Darnyelle Jervey

Darnyelle Jervey is a “SuperShero” of sales. All too often we undervalue ourselves as women – and its hard to create value for others if we don’t value ourselves. CEO of Incredible One Enterprises, she helps grow her clients’ businesses by as much as 600%. She shares with WINGS’ Melinda Wittstock how she battled through her fears and other “limiting beliefs” to transform her life – and the lives of many others.

Show Notes

All too often we undervalue ourselves as women – and its hard to create value for others if we don’t value ourselves. Darnyelle Jervey helps women find their true value as CEO of Incredible One Enterprises.

Darnyelle helps women grow their businesses by tackling the inner mindset as well as the outer manifestation.

“A 7-year-old version of ourselves is running our business”, Darnyelle says. “Every single experience that we take in from birth through the age of seven is how we form our conscious beliefs. So, most of us are not seeing positive, life affirming stuff. We're seeing crap. We're seeing fear. By the time we are seven, now we are is completely formed. And, unless, we learn how to undo those patterns and those beliefs that have been set by those around us, that have been disempowering, we will replay the same tapes over and over and over and over in every facet of our lives. And so, most women are trapped in that.”

Growing a successful business is about creating value for others. But it is hard to create value for others … if we don’t value ourselves.On this episode of WINGS, Darnyelle and Melinda talk about how these beliefs and fears manifest in women:

  • We don’t ask for the sale
  • We don’t ask for enough money
  • We negotiate against ourselves

Here are some of Darnyelle’s tips for entrepioneering women:

  • Identify Your Limiting Beliefs: Darnyelle says write down as many things you can recall happening in your childhood – positive and negative. You’ll start to see patterns and identify what’s holding you back now.
  • Ask for Help: Darnyelle says there is a lot of “posturing up” out there, looking like everything is awesome when inside we’re a mess. This fear of letting people see where we need help prevents us from taking the steps we need to make the differences we need to get what we want.
  • Evaluate Your Friends: Every quarter Darnyelle scores the people around her with a plus or a minus; if it’s a minus, they have one more quarter to figure it out, but then the minuses are out!
  • Read, A Lot: Darnyelle recommends three books: Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, which is really about busting through your limitations and getting out of your own way, and A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi.
  • Tithe Your Time: “If I work 40 hours in a week, that means I tithe 4 hours to myself for self care”.

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