Dawn Gluskin

As entrepreneurs we get used to failure. It’s feedback. Dawn Gluskin built a $3mm+ technology business from her living room with a six month old baby. It grew too fast, and her world came crashing down. Now she’s back stronger than ever as the CEO and founder of Blissed Communications – and she shares her story of reinvention.

Show Notes

Dawn Gluskin built her technology business – fast. A new mom with a six-month-old baby, her living room was her office and she soon outgrew it to $3mm+ in revenues.

Sometimes a startup can grow too fast, and it came crashing down. The shame of failure was unbearable, but she soon found her voice – and with it rekindled a childhood love of writing – and now grows her second act – the appropriately named Blissed Communications. Appropriate because when you listen to Dawn on this episode, you know she feels truly blissed.

We talk about reinvention, why vulnerability is your superpower, how to be “authentically authentic”, and living a life that avoids deathbed regret.

Here are some of Dawn’s tips for women in business:

  • Authentic Feminine, or Why There’s No Point Trying to Be a Dude: When women take on the masculine grind, the pursuit, it doesn’t work so well for us. Feminine power is more “internal, it’s like intuition and it’s compassion and its empathy. Bringing that to the table is powerful,” says Dawn.
  • Babies and Businesses Work Well Together: It’s counter-intuitive, but Dawn and Melinda share the conclusion that having babies at the same time they launched their businesses made them better mothers and better entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • Don’t Believe Your Beliefs: We all have limiting beliefs, mostly unconscious, and they can lead us astray and away from our true purpose and bliss. When we are leading a life of “should’s”, it means we are living someone else’s life and its very difficult to succeed unless you are in alignment with your true ‘soul’ purpose.

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