Dawniel Winningham

Dawniel Winningham left her executive position at JP Morgan Chase to pursue her dream – helping others pursue their dreams. We talk about the mindset and mojo women in business need to manifest money – and why women entrepreneurs often underestimate their true value.

Show Notes

If you don’t value yourself it’s near impossible to create value for others. Entrepreneurship is all about value creation, and Dawniel Winningham took the leap from her Vice President position at JP Morgan Chase so she could help women in business know their value – and manifest the right mindset, motivation, and mojo to attract money and succeed in business.

We talk about the limiting beliefs about money we often inherit from friends, family and our culture – and how to clear those beliefs and manifest the life and business of your dreams.

A six-time bestselling author, Dawniel has grown her business from zero to $1mm+ in just 14 months. She says she advises women to work with other women, get out of their “wonder woman I-can-do-it-all” isolation and help each other.

Dawniel tells a home truth about the difference between men and women in business: “If a man goes out and catches a goldfish, by the time he gets back to land, it's going to be Moby Dick. A woman can go catch Moby Dick, and by the time she gets back to land, she's convinced herself that, “Oh, other people have probably caught Moby Dick before. It's not really a big deal. I'm not going to tell anybody’.”

Here are some of Dawniel’s tips for women in business:

  • Charge Your Worth: Dawniel makes her clients research what competitors charge for the same services. “I have them go out and I have them do benchmarks. I have them look at other companies and exactly what that other company is delivering, and how much they're delivering it for. A majority of the time, they come back outraged. They come back outraged, because here I am, $24,000, and this other company is doing it for much more.”
  • Work With Other Women: We get further faster when we pool our resources. “We've isolated each other and started to work in these silos, and men don't. Men are going to bring in the best man for the job, even if they don't like them… And a woman won't even tell you where she bought a pair of shoes. It's a secret.”
  • Build A Network: Surround yourself with positive people who truly have your back and want you to fly!


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