Diane Curran

What makes a marketing message get heard in our ADD world? “Wow Whisperer” Diane Curran shares her secrets on how women in business can find their unique voice and leverage their innate relationship building skills to master social engagement. Author of The Marketing Deal, Diane provides practical tips on messaging, public speaking and how to grow your business with authentic marketing.

Show Notes

What turns a whisper into a WOW?

Diane Curran has been turning whispers into “wows” as an innovative marketer helping women find their unique voice so they can be heard above the noise of the crowd.

All too often we have no idea what our “wow power” is.

In fact, Diane relates that when she asked a group of women to write down on an index card what “wowed” them about themselves, only 35% were able to think of anything. And it’s not like they had to shout it out loud either.

So take a moment: What “wows” you…about you?

Diane is an expert in marketing and branding, the author of the trilogy The Marketing Deck, and a public speaker with 4,200 presentations and media performances to her credit.

She knows how to craft a message that resonates – so female founders and women in business can be heard in the crowd.

And while so many women struggle with singing their own praises, often shying away from confidently speaking up because of personal branding can feel like “personal bragging”, women have a unique opportunity to seize a social media landscape that is uniquely suited to women’s innate relationship-building skills.  In fact, this new environment demands human connection: The more hi-tech we get, the more hi-touch we require.

Learn in this episode:

  • How to find your authentic voice and create the inner spark that ignites your influence
  • How to stand out in the crowd and navigate social media and be heard in all that noise
  • What’s missing from your marketing that can kill your business spirit and your business itself
  • How to leverage games and role play to team build, brainstorm and create differentiated stories and messages that will resonate
  • How to leverage vulnerability and authenticity to create trust
  • Why women are uniquely suited to soar in a social marketing landscape
  • And more!


Read the full transcript here:

89 Turn Your Whisper into a WOW

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