Eileen Gittins

Eileen Gittins’ moonshot is to create the world’s largest pipeline of female entrepreneurs. The Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur has lead three VC-backed companies as CEO, including growthing the self-publishing platform Blurb to $70mm+. Now with the app Bossygrl, Eileen is helping teenage girls create and grow businesses.

Show Notes

What’s the secret to raising Venture Capital and scaling a company from startup to $70m-plus? And how do you know when to startup all over again?

Eileen Gittins is onto startup number 4, with a moonshot to create the world’s largest pipeline of female entrepreneurs.

She’s starting young, with an iPhone app (soon also to be launched on Android) called Bossygrl, that helps girls aged 13-18 create and run their own businesses.

“These girls hang on every word on Shark Tank,” says Eileen, about the generation coming up.  “They want to succeed on their own terms.”

There are still a few things to overcome, of course.

We may be finding our voices as women but this stat is scary: Some $58 billion dollars went to founding teams that are 100% male. But only $1.4 billion went to women-led teams. That has to change.

Here are some of Eileen’s tips for women in business:

  • Ask For What You Want: “Women are socialized at the young age to raise our hands in school and ask permission,” says Eileen. “Boys are not socialized that way and where that manifest itself later in careers is that women don't raise their hands and ask for enough, whether that's for a raise, a promotion, for additional resources, for help or fund of raising.” She says the first thing you need to do is “accept the fact you’re worth it” and remember everyone else in the room is suffering from the same self doubts.
  • Everything’s Possible: The barriers to entry are lower than ever, and the automated tools out there are cheap. You can build a great team without an office.
  • Get Your Elevator Pitch Right: Be able to articulate exactly what your product does for whom, whom it benefits and how big your market is, and how you’re going to reach and convert them. “Be able to say it in your sleep”.
  • Help Other Women!


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