Franziska Iseli

Entrepreneur, brand strategist and marketing visionary Franziska Iseli shares her inspiring journey, irrepressible spirit, and how she embraces the magic of “woo” to build and scale four businesses. CEO of Basic Bananas, Franziska is also trailblazing in the “evolved enterprise” social good movement with We talk adventure, flow consciousness and more.

Show Notes

Franziska Iseli isn’t about “business as usual”.

She combines an irrepressible maverick spirit with a penchant for adventure, and leverages the power of intuition and flow consciousness to grow and scale … not one business … but four.

Franziska is th co-founder of,, and

A Swiss-born Australian, she was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2013- recognizing her innovation, creativity and philanthropic impact.

We talk about the social good entrepreneurs can do in the world, and how Franziska is helping to clean up and conserve oceans with her “evolved enterprise” platform Ocean Lovers.

What else to know about Franziska? She’s the author of the bestselling Bananas About Marketing and Perception and regularly contributes to various publications including The Huffington Post. She’s also been featured regularly in INC, Forbes, Business Insider, Virgin Inflight Entertainment, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Smart Company, Dynamic Business Magazine, and on many TV programs.

Learn in this episode:

  • Why “unreasonableness” is the key to entrepreneurial success
  • Why it’s vital to follow you intuition and don’t let “experts” talk you out of following your true path, even if it seems “outside the box” or unconventional.
  • How to get into flow consciousness and tap into inspiration to grow your business
  • The secret of “surrendering”
  • The inside skinny on how to create a profitable mission-driven business that pays it forward with social good.
  • Other great tips for women in business and much more!


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97 Getting Into Flow: Doing Well (Very Well!) By Doing Good

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