Gitte Pederson

Gitte Pederson co-founded Genomic Expression with her brother Morton after their parents were diagnosed with cancer. It turns different people need different types of treatments depending on their RNA. Gitte’s entrepioneering innovation takes on Big Pharma, which she says wastes $70 billion per year on inffective oncology drugs. We talk about her journey as a female entrepreneur, how to eliminate your fears and what it was like on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

Show Notes

Big Pharma makes a lot of money selling what Gitte Pederson says are ineffective oncology drugs. So this entrepioneer set out to change all that when her parents were diagnosed with cancer.

Co-founder of Genomic Expression, Gitte is innovating personalized cancer treatments via RNA sequencing – and her approach is prolonging life by getting the right treatment to the right person. “It’s a major paradigm shift in healthcare – the cat is out of the bag,” she says.

Gitte says she’s a “fighter” – and that to truly disrupt an industry with a moonshot like hers, you have to be “willing to walk where no one else has walked.”

Here are some of Gitte’s tips for entrepioneering women:

  • Be Fearless: Believe in yourself! Don’t believe the naysayers. No one can take your dream away unless you let him or her.
  • Write Checks for Other Women: Gitte is creating her own investor group: “I want to support 10 women, 10 female entrepreneurs, over the next 10 years,” she says.
  • Time is More Valuable Than Money: You can’t do everything, so choose your priorities wisely. “You need to outsource – whether to someone you pay or a family member. My kids have their own chores, they help me with the wash, they clean the kitchen.” (Listen as Melinda invites Gitte’s kids to her house J)
  • Positive Spouses and Support Networks: “I wanted a partner, I didn’t want a provider”, Gitte says of her husband, and advises women entrepreneurs to make sure they have an equitable division of household and childcare duties – and a spouse who genuinely cheers you on, even when times are tough.
  • Stop Watching Television: “The way movies portray women is so uninteresting… not as leaders, not as entrepreneurs, not as breadwinners, not as the badass women we are.”

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