Happy Thanksgiving – We’re Grateful for You!

This Thanksgiving we are all making our voices heard as never before – as women everywhere say “me too” and for those of us who have been victims of sexual harassment or worse, overcome our shame and pain … and say “enough”.

Melinda started this podcast because it’s about time the inspiring entrepreneurial journeys of women innovating in business were also heard – and heard by as many as possible. Too many of us are succeeding in silence.

So please take a moment today to affirm and acclaim all the women entrepreneurs – the “SuperSheros” – who’ve inspired YOU … just as Sara Blakely, Ping Fu, Tina Sharkey, Kara Goldin, Kay Koplovitz, Gina Bianchini and so many others … have inspired Melinda on her entrepreneurial journey.

Please nominate three women who YOU would like Melinda to interview and feature as a gamechanging entre-pioneer guest on WINGS OF INSPIRED BUSINESS. Maybe you are one of the three!

You can nominate by going to wingspodcast.com – or via the link on facebook.com/wingspodcast.

Or nominate here: https://melindawittstock.typeform.com/to/b6anXh

Please also join the conversation by going to https://wingspodcast.com and clicking the microphone on the far right of the home page. You can ask any question you want of Melinda, or any of our upcoming guests – and we’ll put you on the air in our upcoming interactive WINGS specials.

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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