Heather Havenwood – Minisode

Serial entrepreneur and Internet marketing phenom Heather Ann Havenwood has built companies from zero to millions in less than a year. She’s also lost everything in bankruptcy and foreclosure, only to rebuild again. Author of the bestselling SexyBoss™ books and host of the national radio show “The Win”, Heather puts on the Advice Wings to talk reinvention, her new chatbot gig and her passion to boost the fortunes of female entrepreneurs.

Show Notes

Heather Ann Havenwood grew up in the Eighties inspired by Madonna, a powerful woman she saw in constant reinvention.

Heather also chose to be bold and live big, as a serial entrepreneur who has built businesses from zero to $1mm+ in less than 12 months, starting without a list, a product, a name or an offer. She’s also lost businesses, ended up in bankruptcy and foreclosure.

On the roller coaster ride of true entrepreneurship, Heather has learned a lot about what it takes to succeed.

Author of the bestselling SexyBoss™: How Female Entrepreneurship is Changing the Rule Book and Beating the Big Boys and host of the national radio show “The Win” where she celebrates her losses as much as her wins, Heather talks reinvention, why she’s passionate about helping female entrepreneurs find financial independence, and her advice for how to:

  • Evaluate opportunities – does it feed your uncertainty or bolster your clarity?
  • Pick yourself up after failure, even bankruptcy and foreclosure
  • Evaluate people and business partners and why sometimes it’s best to walk away.
  • And so much more!


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108 Reinventing on the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

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