Jennifer Hudye

Jennifer Hudye is a young entrepreneur who has built the most sought-after copywriting agency in the online marketing space. Founder Conscious Copy & Co, Jennifer riffs with WINGS Host Melinda Wittstock about what it means to be “authentically authentic” and shares why you must truly know yourself and your values as an entrepreneur if you want to manifest outsize success in business.

Show Notes

True entrepreneurial leadership is conscious, evolved, and authentic – and amazing things transpire when founders, CEOs executives are in alignment with their highest values and true purpose.

WINGS guest Jennifer Hudye is the founder of the most sought-after copywriting agency in the Internet marketing space, Conscious Copy & Co. She shares how being in alignment with your true and highest values as an entrepreneur and leader unlocks a serendipity and providence necessary to build fast-growing and lasting businesses.  It is one of the vital ingredients to telling a story that connects, resonates and translates into business growth by turning cold leads into raving fans.

Jennifer counts among her clients such well known names in the Internet marketing space as Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi, Dave Asprey’s BulletProof Coffee, Eben Pagan and Sally Hogshead, who was interviewed on WINGS recently about her Fascination Advantage.

Here are some of Jennifer’s tips for women in business:

  • Visualize: She shares how she walked into the very house she put on her vision board just months before, and it was the house of the man who became her key mentor and now client. You go where your eyes are looking, Jennifer says, and advises WINGS listeners to spend time every day visualizing what they want and really feeling the emotions associated with already having achieved the goal or desire.
  • Get Great Mentors: Jennifer shares how she found and utilizes many of the biggest names in business as mentors. She won over her mentors by offering to create value for them, and following through.
  • Know Your Values and Hire Your Values: Jennifer invested a lot of time getting clear on who she wanted to work for and with, and developed a series of questions to test out the right hires on culture and values as she suddenly had to hire fast to meet growing demand.
  • Moonshots: Jennifer met billionaire Naveen Jain at Joe Polish’s Genius Network and he challenged her to set her moonshot. He asked her, “If you had $1 billion in your bank account, right, and you're 5 years old again, what would you do to change the world when you were 5 years old?” Ask yourself that, she advises.


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