Julia Pimsleur

Happy International Women’s Day! We celebrate with entrepreneur Julia Pimsleur who has a big mission to help women entrepreneurs crack the $1mm+ revenue ceiling. Julia, who learned the hard way how to scale her business Little Pim to $1mm+ and beyond, is ‘Chief Empowerista’ of Million Dollar Women and has graduated 70 women so far with her teachings on mindset, skillset and how to leverage the right networks. She shares her strategies on scaling.

Show Notes

Imagine: One million women entrepreneurs getting to $1M in revenues by 2020. It should be a no-brainer – except that currently only 3% of all women entrepreneurs in the U.S. reach $1M and only 4% of venture capital is invested in female founders.

Julia Pimsleur is the Founder and “Chief Empowerista” of Million Dollar Women, and her moonshot is to help 1 million women to get to $1mm+ in annual revenue by 2020, less than 2 years from now.

Julia learned the lessons she teaches in her first business. She was the Founder and CEO of Little Pim, the leading language teaching system for young children. After raising millions in angel and venture capital to take Little Pim into the seven figures, Pimsleur created fundraising bootcamps to help other women tackle fundraising challenges and this inspired her to write her best seller, “Million Dollar Women: The Essential Guide for Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big​”. More than 10,000 women read her book and the Million Dollar Women Masterclass online business school was born.

Often women sabotage their path to scale by defaulting to treating themselves as an employee of their own business:  “I say to them, ‘Everything you're doing, you need to ask yourself, is there someone else who could be doing this for $15, or $20 an hour? If there is, you are cheating your company, you are literally cheating your company, because you are paid, hopefully, $100 an hour, $200 an hour, $500 an hour.”

Learn in this episode:

  • How to get the right mindset, skillset and network to succeed
  • Why so few women business owners – only 3% – bring in revenue above the $1mm+ mark
  • Where women often get in their own way when it comes to scaling their company
  • Why perfectionism is our biggest enemy: “There should be an AA for recovering perfectionists.”
  • How women can switch from working “in” their business to working “on” it
  • Why the business should work for you, rather than you for the business
  • And more!


Read the full transcript here:

90 Meet the Chief ‘Empowerista’ of Million Dollar Women

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