Lauren LeMunyan – Minisode

A lot of women in business don’t ask for help, and it stands in the way of scale. Lauren Le Munyan is an entrepreneur coach who helps her clients “kick ass” – by aligning their true authentic purpose with their business. She shares advice on how to ask for help, get inspiration from quieting the mind  and having fun!

Show Notes

Every entrepreneur needs a coach, a mentor, well, probably a village! One of the most vital helpers for an entrepreneur is the person who sees and supports the real you, and and can help you align your authentic purpose to your business.

Lauren Le Munyan learned how to get into alignment after she “hit a wall” 11 years ago, burned out and frustrated with her job. A coach asked her what she wanted, and she realized she didn’t know. She shares how she took the leap and is became a strategic business and executive coach helps her clients in technology, media, fitness, fashion and design “kick ass”.

Also the host of the SpitFire podcast, Lauren’s “word of 2018” is “manifest” and she shares advice on:

  • How to ask for help!
  • How to to use meditation and intention-based journaling to manifest abundance and success in your business and life.
  • Why silence IS golden
  • How and when to make the leap into the life you want.
  • How to get into your “flow” where you’re so excited about what you’re doing that the hair stands up on your arms.
  • How to listen to your true “inner voice” to guide you and align you with your true purpose in business and in life.
  • How to avoid putting yourself last as you step up to create value for others.


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127 Mentor and Be Mentored: When and How to Ask For Help as an Entrepreneur

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