Mack McKelvey

Mack McKelvey’s mission as CEO and Founder of SalientMG is to help women, minority and LGBTQ executives build their personal brands. The marketing visionary executive who helped Millenial Media fast-grow to IPO, Mack shares why women often forget to build their personal brands, and what’s in a name.

Show Notes

Her real name is Erin, but early on in her career she became ‘Mack’ –

Mack McKelvey, and what followed was a 20-year career as a marketing innovator and revenue generator for many growing companies from Sirius XM and VeriSign to Millennial Media.

Mack led Millennial Media’s global corporate and product marketing, external communications, and industry relations from the company’s high growth stages through to its successful IPO in 2012. She created Millennial’s Mobile Intelligence program, and among other accolades, she was named one of the 21 most powerful women in Mobile advertising by Business Insider, and was awarded the Silver Medal Award for outstanding contribution to the advertising industry by the American Advertising Federation.

Along the way she saw that executives, particularly women, even if they were savvy marketers, often failed to apply the same marketing smarts to their personal brands.

So she set out to change that by founding SalientMG.

Learn in this episode:

  • What’s in a legacy, and how to figure out what you want your legacy to be.
  • How to be heard – and resonate – above all that noise.
  • Why a name can dictate a destiny.
  • How to get beyond thinking big, to acting big.
  • Why women must learn to understand and accept their value, and translate this powerfully into compelling personal brands.
  • And other great tips for women in business and much more!


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101 Making the Personal Profitable: Marketing Maven Mack McKelvey Talks Branding for the Executive and Entrepreneur

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