Maribeth Kuzmeski – Minisode

Entrepreneur Maribeth Kuzmeski got tired of being the proverbial “only woman in the room” serving the financial services sector as President of Red Zone Marketing. She created a foundation to provide women in business witth female role models and mentors they need to succeed. Today she puts on the “advice wings” to talk personal brand and how to command a room.

Show Notes

“Somebody is going to call you the ‘B’ word,” says Maribeth Kuzmeski, “that’s just the way it is. You’ve got to be okay with that and move on, because it is not a majority of people, it’s just a few.”

All too often women are afraid of standing out because we are so relationship focused we can easily fear the jealousy or judgment of others. But to succeed in business requires a resilience and confidence to shake all that off, much like men do.

Maribeth is used to being the proverbial “only woman in the room” in her role as President of Red Zone Marketing, primarily serving the financial services industry.

Learn in this minisode

  • Why its important not to care if people like you
  • Why it’s just as important to repel as attract
  • How to create a personal brand
  • How women can be more confident
  • And more!

More about Maribeth:

She created the Red Zone Foundation to help lift women up in finance and entrepreneurship by enabling them to find good female role models and mentors. She also hosts a podcast, the Female Insight Zone, heard on C-Suite Radio by more than 1,500,000 C-Level executives. There, like WINGS, she features women who have made an indelible mark in business and the path they took to soar.

Maribeth is also a best selling author of 7 books including The Connectors and a regular media contributor on Fox News, CNBC, New York Times and Wall St Journal.

Read the full transcript here:

123 MINISODE Why It Pays To Be Polarizing: Advice from Financial Marketing Maven Maribeth Kuzmeski Standout Messaging

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