Michele P.W.


All too often people let their fears get the better of them – and in women it is the unspoken, hidden fear that often manifests as perfectionism, procrastination, or playing small.

Listen as Michele P.W. talks about an ‘aha’ moment that lifted her out of fear – and led her to see that businesses built on a foundation of ‘love’ – that is, positive emotions including self-love – outperform those with a fear-based culture or approach.

As a copywriter Michele drove more than $50m+ in sales for her clients, and her epiphany changed the way she wrote copy – and changed how she plays the game of business.

Here are some of Michele’s tips for women in business:

  • Your Business Will Never Outgrow Your Personal Development: You grow as you take on challenges, so don’t let fear shut you down.
  • Shoot for the Moon: If you think you want to build a $5m+ company, shoot for a $10m+ company. Go big.
  • Test the Market: Don’t let fear-based perfectionism keep you from interacting with customers early. The market is feedback you need early and often.


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