Regina Huber

Regina Huber is on a mission to empower women – and get businesses to leverage women’s emotional intelligence and values such as transparency, sustainability and risk awareness to corporate leadership. She’s the Founder & CEO of Transform Your Performance, and on this advice minisode, Regina talks about mindset and “heartset” as the key to success, plus many more must-listen tips for women in business.

Show Notes

Women bring unique value and values to the boardroom, C-suite and scrappy startup, and Regina Huber is on a mission to get businesses to leverage these to boost their revenue, earnings and innovation.

Regina is the Founder & CEO of Transform Your Performance, where she draws on her extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience on 5 continents to help her clients’ best leverage and promote women executives.

She says data shows that businesses that empower women to contribute their competency, creativity and emotional intelligence – and bring “female” values like transparency, sustainability and risk awareness to the leadership team, significantly outperform their rivals.

What you’ll learn on this advice Minisode:

  • How to open your heart to deepen your connections and relationships
  • Why vacation is one of your most important investments if you want to succeed in business
  • Why you must start asking for help!
  • Leverage your networks by adding value for others, and asking them to assist you find business, investment, team members and whatever else you need
  • And more!

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Regina is also an International Speaker, the Author of Speak up, Stand out and Shine, and a Conversational Intelligence® Practitioner.

With her signature system, Powerful Leadership Transformation TM (PLT), Regina focuses on driving fast results for her coaching clients by emphasizing an empowering mindset and a compelling, confident presence, enabling them to accelerate their career or business.

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166 Mindset and Heartset: Entrepreneur Regina Huber Advises on the Keys to Success in Business

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