Renee Warren

Serial Entrepreneur Renee Warren juggles a lot: Her growing business, twins, travel, Crossfit, friendships, and marriage to another high performing serial entrepreneur. Founder of The Family Academy, and before it the Silicon Valley startup PR firm Onboardly, Renee has valuable advice for women in business about how to apply startup principles to your home life so we can juggle it all without putting ourselves last.

Show Notes

To be an entrepreneur is a way to chart your own path, be your own boss, find freedom. And yet sometimes that freedom slips away from us…and our companies become … the boss of us. And as women, we end up last in a long line of tasks and obligations – as mothers, wives, partners, leaders, innovators, team members, friends and more.

Renee Warren has a big mission to change all of that.

A serial entrepreneur who founded the popular Silicon Valley startup PR firm Onboardly, Renee now runs innovative programs for entrepreneur families with The Family Academy.

Also a mom to twins and married to serial entrepreneur and investor Dan Martell, Renee found herself juggling a lot.

We talk about how to run your family as if it were a startup or a business, applying principles like lean startup, agile methodologies and leverage to home and family life.



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