Roselle Safran

Roselle Safran helped keep us safe at Homeland Security in the computer emergency readiness team and then the Obama White House before she took flight as an entrepreneur, now with two successful companies. President of cybersecurity company Rosint Labs, Roselle illuminates the path for anyone who wants to make the leap, from how to bootstrap and raise capital to the mindset you need to succeed.

Show Notes

It’s not easy to reinvent yourself, especially when you move from the stability of government (at least when there is no shutdown…) to the uncertainty of entrepreneurship.

Roselle Safran has walked this uncertain path with certainty, and shares with us how you can too.

Learn in this WINGS episode:

  • What it takes for women in tech to raise capital (and how Roselle raised $2.5mm for her first company)
  • What it takes to bootstrap (hint: It takes 3X as long and costs 3X as much, so make sure you have runway before you leap…)
  • Why the only people you should listen to are your customers and why you should build your product for them … and not for you!
  • How to navigate a crowded field with lots of competitors…
  • Why you should capitalize on your strengths and ‘hire’ your weaknesses
  • And why it is imperative you LOVE LOVE LOVE what you’re doing if you’re launching a startup!

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