Sally Hogshead

As entrepreneurs we talk about doubling down on ours strengths and hiring our weaknesses. Sally Hogshead, the award-winning advertising copywriter and marketing genius, has entrepioneered an algorithmic system that helps us capitalize on how the world sees us. She shares with WINGS host Melinda Wittstock The Fascination Advantage and how we as women can get past the omnipresent media message that we have to “fix” ourselves.

Show Notes

“When we play small, the world loses big,” says Sally Hogshead, the marketing and advertising genius whose work for iconic brands like Nike, Coca Cola and others still hangs in the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

All too often women play small because we’re trying to protect ourselves, because we grow up with a media message that says we constantly have to “fix ourselves”, she says, “and if we play small we’re never doing to do something significant”.

Sally learned to play big – and by age 24 was the most award-winning advertising copywriter in the U.S. She learned from her research of dozens of Fortune 500+ teams from Godiva to Nike and MINI Cooper that it’s vital we know how other people see us – and how to fascinate them.

She shares with Melinda her Fascination Advantage system of algorithms, unlike traditional tests like Myers-Briggs or Kolbe that test how WE see the world, show how others see us. Both Melinda and Sally are “catalysts”.

Here are some of Sally’s tips for entrepioneering women:

  • Leverage Your Strengths: Do more of what you love to do! There’s someone else out there who should be on your team whose heart sings to do the things you hate
  • Pick Your Clients Carefully: Sally advises not to take on a client out of fear or near term worries about money, and how she learned that lesson the hard way: “In 2010 we were in a recession, and as an entrepreneur, I was in a really tough spot because I had to start taking assignments that I otherwise wouldn't want… When the phone rang, I had to pick it up, metaphorically, and work with clients that were kind of rigid, and clients that didn't want big ideas, and they didn't want to change the world. What they wanted me to do was to take what they'd already done and, basically, repackage it, which is the lowest form of creativity… It wasn't fun, and I became deeply discouraged. More importantly, I wasn't good at it, and so I made bad impressions, and so it damaged my reputation because nobody's going to refer you if they have an experience of you that reflects your disadvantages. This is why, as entrepreneurs, it's so crucial for us to… attract the clients and the customers that are going to allow us to do more of what we're already spectacular at then hire the rest out.”
  • “Don’t ‘Outman’ A Man”: In advertising the male voice is seen as “neutral” and the female voice a “subcategory” so it’s tempting to aspire to be like the man, but it doesn’t work. It’s not authentic. Be the best woman you can be.

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