Sharon Kan – Minisode

Serial entrepreneur Sharon Kan is on a mission to help moms learn entrepreneurial skills and create lucrative microbusinesses with her new platform, Pepperlane. A four-time founder and three-time CEO with four exits to her name, Sharon talks about what is inspiring her, and she puts on the “Advice Wings” about how to “let go” our fears, and embrace the adventure of entrepreneurship.

Show Notes

Sharon Kan is a serial entrepreneur, a four time founder and three time CEO who has grown four companies to exit:Tikatok (sold to Barnes & Noble), Zoomix (acquired by Microsoft), C-Ark (acquired by SSA Global, now Infor), and Demantra (acquired by Oracle).

Now she’s giving forward with Pepperlane, mentoring moms – many of them navigating the path back to the workforce – by teaching them entrepreneurial skills that empower them to build lucrative ‘microbusinesses’ around their lives.

Sharon puts on the “Advice WINGS” with these tips:

  • So maybe you had a bad day. Let it go. Don’t let it define you. Just let it pass.
  • Embrace adventure. The life of the entrepreneur is constant change, so don’t resist it; embrace it!
  • Create new models for success: Just because it was done a certain way in the past doesn’t mean you have to do it that way. We have a perfect opportunity to reinvent!
  • Be kind. Kindness wins. Be kind to others, and be kind to yourself!

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83 WINGS Advice – Why “letting go” and embracing adventure is the key to success: Advice from Serial Entrepreneur Sharon Kan

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