Sharon Kan

Serial entrepreneur Sharon Kan is on a mission to help moms learn entrepreneurial skills and create lucrative microbusinesses with her new platform, Pepperlane. A four-time founder and three-time CEO with four exits to her name, Sharon believes moms can help other moms – high performing female founders and executives need more help, and stay at home moms who want to return to the workforce need opportunities.

Show Notes

For every woman there’s a fork in the road when that biological clock ticks down. We can try to “do it all” as we climb the corporate ladder; we can choose flexibility by building a business or creating a side hustle; or we can dedicate ourselves full time to our babies, toddlers and young children.

There’s no right or wrong path, and as serial entrepreneur Sharon Kan is demonstrating daily with her platform Pepperlane, there IS a way moms can help other moms, no matter what path they chosen.

Sharon is a serial entrepreneur, a four time founder and three time CEO who has grown four companies to exit: Tikatok (sold to Barnes & Noble), Zoomix (acquired by Microsoft), C-Ark (acquired by SSA Global, now Infor), and Demantra (acquired by Oracle).

Now she’s giving forward with Pepperlane, mentoring moms – many of them navigating the path back to the workforce – by teaching them entrepreneurial skills that empower them to build lucrative ‘microbusinesses’ around their lives.

Pepperlane also helps high performing female founders and executives who can sometimes be to slow to ask for or hire the help they need to scale their businesses or manage their busy lives.

We talk about the philosophy of “letting go”, the price many women paid by using their ‘masculine’ to climb the ladder, and how Sharon now

walks her talk by employing not just one, but 5 of the women she’s mentored through Pepperlane.

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118 Mentoring MomPreneurs: Why Sharon Kan is Helping Mothers Create Microbusinesses

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