Silvia Christmann

Learn what it’s like to be a location-independent entrepreneur who follows her heart – and opportunity – all over the world. Silvia Christmann is a growth expert, helping companies scale and accelerate rapid growth. Find out how she can work her magic from anywhere in the world, and get her tips for creating multiple streams of passive income.

Show Notes

Serial entrepreneur and “growth hacker” Silvia Christmann bought a one-way ticket to Brazil when she was 19 and never looked back, figuring out entrepreneurial gigs and side hustles along the way.

Now in Tulum Mexico – and not sure where she’s going next – Silvia has lived all over the world, helping businesses attain scale and accelerate rapid growth.

In her early career, she specialized in taking companies from pre-revenue to their first million. Now, she focuses on commercializing products and transforming teams during periods of rapid growth.

Before starting her boutique practice in 2011, Silvia played a central role in launching the startup venture MediaRadar, Inc., and growing it into an ad tech leader with more than $20 million in revenue. Silvia has also worked with impact leaders including Jesse Israel of the Big Quiet, Gesche Haas of Trailblazers Inc., as well as C-Level Executives from Google, Bridgewater, PWC, Deutsch, Hearst, and Tom Shoes.

Now it’s Silvia’s ambition to support female entrepreneurs, in particular by helping women better manage capital, and in a way that creates passive revenue streams for leverage and financial freedom.

Learn in this episode:

  • How to live a profitable life as a “location independent” entrepreneur.
  • Financial strategies for women to ensure their independence and financial freedom as female entrepreneurs.
  • How to leverage tenacity and why every “no” is a “maybe”.
  • Self care tips for women (hint: you’ll burn out if you try to be a dude!)
  • How to create a flexible lifestyle that aligns with your personal needs and your business.
  • And much more!


Read the full transcript here:

85 Building Your Business Around Your Life: Entrepreneur Nomad Silvia Christmann on Alignment, Growth and Financial Freedom


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