Sophia Yen

Sophia Yen is an entrepreneur and doctor who has figured out that women don’t need to bleed every month. CEO and co-founder of, Sophia shares with WINGS the latest medical and technology innovations for women’s reproductive health that can also make women more successful in business.

Show Notes

Medical advances are changing the way we think about reproductive health – and challenging many of the notions we’ve always taken for granted, like women’s periods.

Sophia Yen is a doctor turned entrepreneur who is changing the game for women’s health and contraception.

She’s figured out that women don’t need to bleed every month – we can turn our periods on and off, at will. She calls it #PeriodsOptional and her company is

Sophia shares with WINGS host Melinda Wittstock her entrepreneurial journey (her surname Yen translates as “money”), and where she sees MedTech and FemTech moving in the future.

Here are some of Sophia’s tips for women in business:

  • Write Checks for Other Women: “Speak up (about other women). Ask people to question why so many top companies serving women are run by men! Why don’t their boards have 50% women?”
  • Get Everything in Writing: “I’ve heard so many horror stories about promises made… even if they are your best friend because when it comes to money and greed people can get evil and so get everything in writing”.
  • Get a Supportive Significant Other: “Make sure your partner is clear that everything is 50-50. If I’m doing all the output, say breastfeeding, he will do all the input, so it is 50-50, not me doing 80%, 90% of the baby caring stuff; it’s got to be 50-50 for everything!”

More about Sophia here

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152 Periods Optional: Dr. Sophia Yen on Revolutionizing Women’s Health with Innovative Technology

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