Susan Bratton

“Tenacity” is Susan Bratton’s favorite word, and when you’re running a fast-growing online business teaching passionate lovemaking, it’s a quality that’s served her well. Susan shares with WINGS’ Melinda Wittstock how she came to be the “Dear Abby of Hot Sex”. She talks about her new book “Sexual Soulmates”, YouTube censorship, and what women need (including orgasms) to succeed.

Show Notes

All of her cars have sported the license plate TNACTY. Serial entrepreneur and phenomenal salesperson, Susan Bratton is nothing if not tenacious.

Molested as an 8-year-old, Susan shares how her painful “me too” inspired a fast-growing online business teaching women and men how to transform sex into intimate, passionate lovemaking.

Eleven years into her marriage, busy with a child and handling $100m+ in business as a successful Silicon Valley tech executive, Susan and her husband had lost their passion. The realization led them on a quest to discover how to rekindle it. The result? Susan is “the Dear Abby of Hot Sex” as CEO and co-founder of Personal Life Media and her marriage is 26 years strong.

She shares with WINGS’ Melinda Wittstock her frustration at the “double standard” that gets her videos and courses confused with porn, and why it’s time for women to claim their sacred sexual power.

Here are some of Susan’s tips for entrepioneering women:

  • Sexual Power: Why the woman having “hot sex” is going to have more vitality, more confidence, and more success.
  • Ask For What You Want: “Confidence is practice; it’s not a talent, it’s a skill.”
  • Know Your Clitoris: “Go online and I want you to look at three dimensional clitoral structure videos. Just Google 3-D clit, and …you'll realize that you have all of that is erectile tissue, and that is all up inside you. Don't have sex without a clitoral erection, because you wouldn't expect a guy to have sex without an erection of his penis.”
  • Boardrooms and Bedrooms: Women do better when we “enroll” rather than pursue. “The idea of invitation, of calling people to more possibility, which I think is ultimately what the CEO role is. The CEO role is vision, leadership, team integration,” says Susan. “It’s all about the win-win”.
  • Ask for the order! And don’t take rejection or failure personally!

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