Theresa Szczurek

Entrepreneurs need to think BIG if they want to persuade venture capitalists to invest, and technology entrepreneur Theresa Szczurek shares what it takes to bring investors to the table, and why she brought in a male CEO in her first company to get the check. Now founder and CEO of Radish Systems Theresa provides practical tips to grow, fund and scale your business.

Show Notes

Theresa Szcurek had to bring in a male CEO in her first technology company in order to get the venture capital funding she needed to grow it.  Never mind that she was a top-notch engineer with an MBA who had innovated already at Bell Labs and AT&T.

Now CEO and founder of her second company, the B2B telecommunications platform Radish Systems, Theresa shares practical methodologies and strategies for female technology innovators following in her footsteps.

Learn in this episode what it takes to raise venture capital, including:

  • How big a “nest egg” you should have at your disposal before you start out, and why a supportive husband or a lot of savings can make all the difference.
  • Why it’s important to build a network, who should be in it, and how to build it.
  • How to leverage crowdfunding.
  • How women can help each other raise money.
  • Why it is important for women to get as educated as possible with academic credentials as well as “street-smarts”
  • How to leverage passionate purpose and use her “Pack Strategy”

Theresa has written a book called “Pursuit of Passionate Purpose” – and with 80 interviews of entrepreneurs and others, she details what it takes to get a startup to scale and to exit.

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76 Passion, Persistence and How to Get A Technology Startup Funded

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