Yvonne Silver

Yvonne Silver is a growth catalyst, helping women in business flourish as CEO and founder of We Flourish. An entrepreneur with 8 startups to her name, she shares with WINGS’ Melinda Wittstock how she helps social enterprise entrepreneurs transform themselves, their business and the world.

Show Notes

Yvonne Silver loves butterflies because they symbolize transformation and growth.

She takes flight with Melinda Wittstock on WINGS to talk about how she transformed her own company – including its name – to help women in business flourish.

Yvonne calls herself a growth catalyst, and as CEO and Founder of We Flourish, helps women in business and social enterprise entrepreneurs transform themselves, their business and the world. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner, and she’s writing her first book, “Word Power for Women”.

Here are some of Yvonne’s tips for women in business:

  • Confident Language: Yvonne describes how we let ourselves down in the way we speak. She gives tips on the podcast for how to manifest what we want with the words we choose.
  • Serve Not Sell: “Many of my clients are trying to expand their businesses and want more sales. And we've been taught these integrated sales approaches that deal with objections and prospects, and it doesn't resonate with me. I've seen positive language be much more powerful, so I use an approach called appreciative sales kinetics. And it's about helping a potential client to look at what's working really well in their business, and then how could it be even better and starting with that conversation versus what's your biggest challenge, what's your greatest paying point. And that starts the conversation in a negative spiral. And it's been so successful; my clients love it 'cause they’re serving not selling.
  • From “Shattered Ceiling” to Flourish: “I was feeling very frustrated and I called up the universe and it sent me five signs of breaking glass all around me, which I interpreted as it's time to let it go, you've already broken through and then you can do your real work. Five times breaking glass around me all on the same day. It was amazing,” Yvonne shares, and in turning the name of her business from a negative to a positive, she is now flourishing!

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