11 All In The Family: Couplepreneur Matt & Amy Stefanik Share Their Unified Vision of the Entrepreneur Family

How do you recover from financial ruin as a couple? How do you support each other as partners in business and in love when the proverbial hits the fan? Learn today on 10XTogether how to leverage conscious practices to understand each other, improve communication and unite the family around one shared mission.

More About Today’s Episode

Matt and Amy Stefanik were riding high in real estate when everything came crashing down.

Their entrepreneurial dream burst in the 2007 bubble and they lost three houses, their cars, everything.

They had to start all over again and in the process they reinvented their marriage and how they handle business as a family.

Amy went on to create The Entrepreneurs Wife™ – a program to strengthen and encourage the entrepreneurial family, and her bestselling book about her journey, The Untold Story of the Entrepreneur’s Wife, is a must-read.

Matt, a lifelong serial entrepreneur, went on to reinvent himself as a marketing expert and Lifestyle Architect, and is the founder and CEO of e-commerce software startup Funnel Buildr, as well as Futimmo, a soon-to-be-released disruptive ecommerce platform.

Both Amy and Matt are loving parents to three kids, and they have evolved over the years to be devoted practitioners of meditation, mindfulness and other conscious practices.

Today on 10XTogether they talk about:

  • Why communication is everything in love and business
  • How to truly understand your partner and embrace them for what makes them different from you
  • How to live intentionally and create businesses that support the “whole” life you want and support a healthy marriage and good parenting
  • How to overcome adversity on the entrepreneurial roller coaster
  • Why business skills and strategies can be adapted to build a stronger marriage and family life
  • And much more!

More about Matt Stefanik at Funnel Builder

More about Amy Stefanik at The Entrepreneurs Wife™ and Wings Of The Empowered Woman

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