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WINGS Media helps you find your voice as a podcaster – and profit from your true purpose. Join our growing network of game-changing podcasts so you can engage directly with a fast growing community of listeners on a new mobile and interactive platform – or work with us to launch your profitable podcast.

Access your new network of dream weavers, empire builders, and magical mentors to point the way to the next level of impact and influence.

This exciting new podcast network and audience engagement platform is now in beta – and launches with more than 100 million listeners in April 2020.


Profit from Podcasting

Wings Media helps influencers and business owners launch impactful

and profitable podcasts in strategic alignment with their businesses and lifestyles.

Wings Media helps influencers launch impactful and profitable podcasts in strategic alignment with their businesses and lifestyles.

Podcast Offerings

Here's how we'll make it happen together:


your magnetic podcast

Imagine having access to every shortcut under the sun for finding your voice, mastering your million dollar message, building an audience of engaged and loyal listeners, and launching a magnetic podcast that grows your business and serves the world at the same time.


Inside this transformational 1:1 intensive, you’ll be coached by 4-time serial entrepreneur, award-winning journalist and founder of WINGS Media Melinda Wittstock as she takes your hand and guides you through the process of starting AND profiting from your purposeful podcast.

Done for You

podcast creation

You can’t land on the moon when you’re busy building the rocket ship. It’s time to embrace your role as a conscious visionary and let others support you in realizing your podcasting dreams, so you can free up the space to soar to new heights of abundance, engagement and alignment.

WINGS Media works with a very limited number of private podcasting clients who are ready to show up fully in their power, make their magic, and have the rest handled by an expert team trained in both launching, scaling and monetizing successful podcasts.


podcast consulting

Imagine being shown a crystal clear path for growing your influence, impact and audience with a podcast that raises the vibration of the planet AND your profitability.

WINGS Media Founder Melinda Wittstock has taken The WINGS of Inspired Business Podcast from passion project to 500,000+ downloads, 3 thriving revenue streams and a full-fledged and flourishing business venture. She’s been there and built that, and inside her 6-month private consulting, she’s sharing her best-kept secrets for cutting through the noise and launching, scaling and monetizing a purposeful podcast that takes your business to new heights.

What People Say About Melinda’s Wings

Our Podcasts​

Listen to Melinda's acclaimed podcasts for entrepreneurs and business owners.​

Wings of Inspired Business

With Host Melinda Wittstock

In this lively, raw and motivating podcast, Melinda masterminds 3 times a week with her network of successful women entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers in business as they share their secrets, success tips, and ‘fail forward' epiphanies.

Learn from these inspiring women how to build your wealth without sacrificing your health and happiness, step into your authentic feminine power, and manifest the confidence, connections and capital you need to take flight in your business — without trade-offs, so you can have the time freedom, lifestyle and impact you want AND deserve.

10X TOGETHER: couplepreneurs

With Host Melinda Wittstock

Want to ascend into the stratosphere as you create the business and the relationship of your dreams? Inside this illuminating podcast, Melinda interviews successful entrepreneurial couples who have built multimillion dollar businesses together — while maintaining their romance. Learn their secrets of success, and how they juggle the challenges of starting, growing and scaling their companies with the demands of parenting and everyday life, while still finding time for love, adventure and personal growth.
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