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Serial entrepreneur, founder of Wings Media and your guide on this magical journey to a whole new reality — one where everything is possible. This is where you step into your next level of conscious leadership, endless abundance, & ever-expanding freedom.

Together we’ll blaze an intentional trail towards transformation as you find your fearless joy and embrace your true authentic power.

From the maze of historic London to the lush rainforests of the Amazon; from innovating and growing disruptive tech and media start-ups in New York’s Silicon “Alley” and Washington D.C.’s heart of power to splashing next to Sir Richard Branson in his Necker Island hot tub; from behind the desk on BBC TV or ABC News to a deep forward bend on my yoga mat, I’ve always made it a point to stretch my limits — and the limits of those around me! Now it’s your turn to take flight and lift yourself to SuperShero Success.

Your wings are ready. I’m here to show you how to use them.


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