Mission has always been my driver

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My constant driver has been to use entrepreneurship to change the world

From my first “real job” at 22 as a financial correspondent of The Times of London to my latest gig interviewing some of the most conscious women in entrepreneurship for my WINGS of Inspired Business podcast and growing a game-changing podcast network,
my constant calling has been to change the world.


As a serial entrepreneur in tech and media, I’ve “been there, built that,” founding 4 businesses to high 6-, 7-, and 8-figure success — and engaging and empowering my clients to do the same.


It’s my dream that entrepreneurs everywhere will stop scraping by and start stepping fully into their authenticity and manifesting abundance. Because when you release those limiting beliefs, let go of your gnawing guilt and face your fears head on, your business really gets its wings.

This Is

my story

I was born in the spotlight. No, I wasn’t famous or the daughter of a celebrity. I DID spend hours choreographing spectacular “shows”, coordinating my dance moves with those of my barbies and black lab. Not unlike the real spotlight that followed me on the ice in the figure skating carnivals I starred in … as a 6-year-old competitor and champion.

Back then I had no doubt of the value of what I was producing. It made total sense to me to knock on neighbors’ doors, dog by my side, demanding pre-payment for my “show.”

I was precocious and I had a purpose. With a fist full of dollars, I walked up to my Dad and said, “We’re going to need 100 chairs.”

It was my grandmother who said it first: “You’re disruptive.”

and it's true.

At 19, I choreographed an impromptu sit-in that enabled my college to be the first to divest from apartheid-era South Africa.



In my 20’s I created and produced a BBC TV newsmagazine to a 20 million audience, at 40, I designed an interactive mobile app to 3 million users in 8 months.

I proved my grandmother right and became
an innovator, visionary, maverick, and mentor.

Yet somewhere along the way I forgot what I knew at 6. I forgot my value. I let fear take over and I played too small. I found myself gas-lit, verbally abused, undermined, in a marriage with an alcoholic narcissist that cut me down to a fetal position. Why? My parents were loving and successful – one an Olympian and the other a star stockbroker who led the Coca Cola IPO. Yet the toxicity of their marriage, the drama of their divorce, the devastation of massive financial loss … had an impact on me I only realized later in life: I had married the worst aspects of my own parents.


Something about my childhood sparked a desire in me to seek truth, and my woes set me on a journey of self-discovery. In healing my childhood scars I found my true voice in helping others find theirs.

It took me lying on a banana leaf staring up at millions of stars in the middle of the Amazon rainforest to see what was blocking me.

Fear. Fear limits us, dampens our dreams, keeps us playing small.

In business we can orchestrate conscious outcomes that allow us to step
into abundance and lift as we climb.


In business we can innovate to solve big global challenges.


In business we can create a purpose-built life, choreographed to
perfection around our own needs, desires and talents.

I believe business growth and personal growth are one in the same, that to heal those scraped knees and wounds to our soul we carry with us from childhood, we must dare to stare down the subconscious fears that drive us off course and be willing to leverage the pains, challenges and traumas in our lives.


I now use my voice to catalyze consciousness in us all.


The spotlight doesn’t matter to me anymore.


I am a lighthouse. And that little girl in me is still pre-selling tickets to millions for their inspired, empowered and conscious life.

Are you ready?

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 On conscious leadership, evolved entrepreneurship, podcasting, authentic marketing and innovation to improve our lives, our businesses, and our world.
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