Mindset for Success: How is Your Word for 2018 Manifesting In Your Life?

Mindset for Success: How is Your Word for 2018 Manifesting In Your Life?

At the start of every year, all of us make resolutions and intentions, and more and more of us are picking single-word themes for the year ahead to get in the right mindset for success.

Did you pick one? What was it?

And if you did, how is it manifesting in your life so far? Has it altered your mindset?

I ask because words have power, and the focus of one word can be life changing.

Last year, I picked “alignment” and it was amazing to see how everything in my life did actually come into alignment by the years’ end:

  • A new exciting direction (after a painful pivot) for a business that had been out of alignment with my true purpose, and no longer serving my soul …
  • Bringing all my ‘SuperShero’ talents together with the launch of the Wings of Inspired Business podcast last November to acclaim and affirm the journeys of women entrepreneurs
  • Clarity about my moonshot and what I truly want to accomplish as a catalyst to lift others up in this world …

So this year, after a lot of inner chatter, I picked “surrender”.

Aligned, I wanted to soar free, in purpose, with a mindset aligned to that purpose, but without attachment to outcome.

Honestly, that’s difficult because our minds focus on all the things we want (or think we want).

We all think we’ll be happier if we can just arrive at that destination, you know, I’ll be happy when I … get that new client, write my book, launch my product, move into a new house, find Mr. or Mrs. Right, travel to Timbuktu, master meditation, [fill in the blank here]…

Yet I’ve learned my own mindset is limited.

It sometimes thinks too small. Too small because the universe has bigger plans than I can even conceive.

So now when I’m meditating every morning, I first recognize, thank and honor my mind with its incessant chatter, and then I ask it, politely of course, to shut up. I imagine having what it is I believe I want, and truly feel with gratitude that I already have it.

And then I let it go.


Ask the universe for inspiration and the ability to spot that inspiration and act on it.

Now, of course, all this is easier said than done.

I’ll be checking in with you over the course of the year on how my experiment with the 2018 word “surrender” is going, and what results it yields.

Whatever your word is, or word you now pick, check in with it periodically.

How do you feel when you say it?

Inspired? Excited?

Or does it cause resistance within you?

If you feel resistance, it is a wonderful opportunity to clear within you the old limiting beliefs that stand between you and realizing what you intend.

You’ll be amazed to get to the end of the year, this year, and see its results, how that important change in your inner mindset will manifest in outer success.

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