Allana Pratt

Allana Pratt calls herself the “intimacy expert” – inspiring entrepreneurs and women in business to be unapologetically true to themselves in life and in their business. We talk about how women found their voices in 2017, bravely stepped out of victimhood, how now it’s time to leverage our authentic feminine power and “sacred sexy”.

Show Notes

As women we found our voices – we told our stories, shared our #MeToo moments, and emerged from the year with a growing understanding of what it means to step into our authentic feminine power.

Intimacy expert Allana Pratt shares why it is vital women be unapologetically true to themselves in business and in life, leveraging vulnerability and what she calls our “sacred sexy”.

“Intimacy” can be a scary word in business, given the avalanche of #MeToo accusations of sexual harassment and predatory, bullying behavior by men. For women it is tempting to confuse masculinity with strength, and override their feminine, or certainly hide any vulnerability.

Its an interesting dilemma and Allana, coach to entrepreneurs and celebrities alike and now host of the podcast Intimate Conversations, shares her perspective with bravery, vulnerability and strength.

Here are some of Allana’s tips for women in business:

  • Intimacy is “In To Me I See”: When we truly know and accept ourselves we can manifest better relationships – in love, with friends and as entrepreneurs building teams and cultures, attracting the right clients and investors.
  • Blend Credibility and Vulnerability: When you are in alignment with your true or authentic purpose you can manifest a flow of money and better relationships.
  • Stop Judging or Shaming Ourselves: Intimacy is about accepting ourselves, good and bad, for all we are, and really knowing our true selves. Magic happens there, in life and in business.


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