Denise Tayloe

Technology can be used for good – or bad. Denise Tayloe is protecting kids online as cofounder and CEO of Privo. “I don’t know how to give up”, she says of her years growing a SaaS technology company and trying to raise venture capital. Leaern Denise’s success tips – and why it’s mission critical to surround yourself with mentors and networks to assure your success in business and life.

Show Notes

Denise Tayloe first got the inspiration to protect the online identities of children as an investor in her brothers’ company, when they both ran up against a roadblock that prevented their target customers – kids – from engaging with their product.

She wanted kids to be able to use all that technology offered, without compromising their identities or safety.

Online marketing is ever more sophisticated day by day, and it’s hard even for adults to be aware of how to protect their identities – and as the Russian hacking in the U.S. has proved, know what information to trust. So for kids the challenge is that much greater.

Describing what her company Privo does, Denise says: “Children need to learn how to cross the street. Our company gives a child their own private ID when they're young that they use and they grow up with, and they can change the display names, but it's always connected to ‘mom’. And when they get to an age where it needs to be disconnected, that process takes place like it does in our offline world.”

But for Denise, like many female tech founders, no matter how innovative technology they’ve built and growing customer traction, it remains a challenge to raise venture capital.

Denise shares her tips and proven methodologies on:

• How to raise angel money
• Why she says “she doesn’t know how to give up” and how she was the only girl on the boy’s soccer team but still tried to make the cheerleading team, never giving up – even learning to ride a unicycle.
• How it’s mission critical to have truly supportive people around you who genuinely want you to succeed.
• Why it’s important to get enough rest and exercise
• And much more about the tenacity you need to succeed.


More about Denise Tayloe here:


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Women in Business Q&A: Denise G. Tayloe Co-Founder, CEO & President, PRIVO

Denise G. Tayloe is a recognized leader and authority in online identity and privacy management with more than a decade of experience in the online privacy industry. As co-founder, president and CEO of PRIVO, founded in 2001, Tayloe helps companies navigate the opportunities and challenges of implementing the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

The PRIVO Kid's Privacy Manifesto

Today, on Data Privacy Day, online privacy experts in the US, Canada and Europe have geared up to educate consumers and businesses – over the course of a single day – about the importance of protecting the privacy of their personal information online.

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