Introducing WINGS of Inspired Business

Melinda Wittstock is releasing Wings of Inspired Business in gratitude for the female founders and entrepreneurs who have inspired her own journey.

“I want to BE the change I want to see in the world”, says Melinda, “and my ‘give forward’ is to affirm and acclaim women in business who have inspired me – and will inspire many more women entrepreneurs by sharing their challenges, advice, epiphanies and successes on this podcast.”

A serial technology and media entrepreneur, Melinda has a big moonshot: Investing in 100 female-founded businesses in the next 10 years.  The WINGS podcast is all about building a community where women can help each other, write checks for each other, and change the way the game of business is played.

Guests featured on WINGS include entrepreneurs Kara Goldin, Sara Blakely, Tina Sharkey, JJ Virgin, Ping Fu, Gina Bianchini, Kay Koplowitz and many more who have achieved tremendous success in business and in life.

Wings of Inspired Business features authentic conversations with female founders who share their advice about how women in business can manifest confidence, connections and capital to soar to ‘SuperShero’ success.

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