Karen Rands

Investor and Entrepreneur Karen Rands describes herself as a venture catalyst and compassionate capitalist – and specializes now in teaching women how to invest in mission-driven entrepreneurs to do good in the world as they built wealth. We talk crowdfunding, angel investing and investor education.

Show Notes

Women of great wealth often show no hesitation when it comes to writing a massive 7-figure check for a charity or cause.

Yet, very few invest in female founders of emerging growth companies – even when these companies have a mission and solution to solve some of the world’s major problems.

Karen Rands wants to change all that.

She is passionate about educating women to invest in other women, and believes the fastest path to wealth creation is entrepreneurship. Karen realized that to share in the wealth creation, you don’t necessarily have to put in the hard work as an entrepreneur – you can simply invest in them.

Running an angel investor network in Atlanta, Karen has been described as a dominant force in the entrepreneur and investor markets with her blog, published articles, frequent speaking engagements, and her Compassionate Capitalist radio show. She was the recipient of the Advocate of the Year award in 2016 at the Flight to Freedom Summit in San Ramon, California, for her work to promote Compassionate Capitalism.

Karen offers capital strategy, preparation, and investor relations services for entrepreneurs seeking financing based on the new regulations for crowd finance through her firm Kugarand Capital Holdings LLC.  Karen provides education and due diligence services to a new generation of private investors in her National Network of Angel Investors.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to invest in startups
  • Why you don’t need to put a lot of money in
  • How to manage risk
  • What to look for in an investment
  • How to take advantage of crowd-funding both as entrepreneur and as an investor
  • And much more…

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