Karen Waksman

Karen Waksman knows how to manifest success – from visualization and intention to bank account building reality. She has sold millions of consumer products to the world’s largest retailers and now dedicates her time to helping entrepreneurs market and sell their products to major retail chains, online and brick and mortar alike. We talk sales, mindset and how to manifest the success of your dreams.

Show Notes


What if you could simply write a list of things you wanted to have happen, even the most outlandish, and then they just happened? And exactly like you intended?

What if success didn’t have to be like pushing a boulder up a mountain? What if you could get off the “task treadmill” and instead succeed simply by getting clear on your intentions, visualizing them and attracting the circumstances that make your dreams manifest for you?

Karen Waksman started out as a manufacturers rep, selling millions of consumer products to the world’s largest retailers. Then she had an epiphany: Why not become an entrepreneur and teach others how to sell their products to retailers?

The result was Retail MBA, and Karen shares how she overcame imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs that at first made it hard to sell her own product, when it had been easy to sell others’ products.  She reveals how her entrepreneurial journey taught her to manifest – and she shares her magical secrets.

Here are some of Karen’s tips for women in business:

  • Write Down Exactly What You Want: Karen once wrote down 100 things she wanted to do before she dies. She looked at it recently and found she’d manifested everything on the list in 2 years. She started adding seemingly outlandish things, like “fly in a private jet” and it would happen. Start with small things, and build momentum.
  • Women Have An Advantage in Retail: Karen says big retail chains like to buy from female-owned businesses, so there is opportunity.
  • Don’t Listen to People: Follow your instincts and your heart; even successful people who tell you exactly how to do it can lead you astray. Early on, Karen took advice from a woman who was successful in the world she wanted to be in: “I believed in everything that she said because she was successful. Basically I showed her one of my videos and she freaked out, and she said, “This is horrible, this is like the worst thing ever… She was telling me that basically I was ridiculous unless I fixed this or that, so I started changing the videos. I'll tell you, the original videos that I created from early on before her have still ranked more than anything else ever, and I learned that like a little while later. Then meanwhile, that woman is no longer doing what she's doing anymore.”
  • Hire Quickly: Instead of wasting time trying to figure out something yourself, hire quickly the person who has already done it.


More about Karen and Retail MBA here: https://retailmba.com


How to Find Karen on Social Media:

Follow Karen on Twitter @Products4Profit

  • https://www.facebook.com/retailMBA
  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/karen-waksman-aba7421/

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