474 Laura DiBenedetto: Think Like an Investor

Using Adversity as an Opportunity: Get Closer to Your Customers and Meet New Demand

Crises can kill businesses – or launch the very best businesses.

It’s all down to how you, as an entrepreneurial leader, choose to react to all the fear, uncertainty, and economic challenges that come with a pandemic like Coronavirus.

The beauty of entrepreneurship is the power to reinvent – and reinvent continually as we seek out problems and innovate solutions.

Coronavirus is a test of how we can best pivot our business to adapt quickly to keep or capture market – as much as it is a test of our calm leadership and ability to inspire teams, clients and others.

Entrepreneur Laura DiBenedetto says its vital to “think like an investor”.

She says that when you look at your business as an investor would, you would be looking always for ways you can create the most value for those you serve. There are opportunities right now in all the “social distancing” you can leverage to create a new business line, get in alignment you’re your true purpose with deep self-work, or get closer to your customers and deepen relationships.

Laura is the author of The Six Habits, teaching us how to create the life of our dreams without changing who we are. Starting her first business at 19 in Boston as Founder and CEO of Vision Advertising, she has helped hundreds of companies build and grow profitable enterprises and was named and a 40 Under Forty winner at only age 23.

  • How to be quick to seize on fast changing circumstances with a business pivot
  • What it means to “think like an investor”
  • How to deepen relationships with clients and customers during the coronavirus crisis
  • Why it’s important for women in business not to fear “ruffling feathers” and speaking your mind
  • How to leverage feminine power, including your empathy and intuition
  • And more

More about Laura DiBenedetto at www.lauradibenedetto.com

Laura DiBenedetto

Laura is a serial entrepreneur and the author of The Six Habits, teaching us how to create the life of our dreams without changing who we are. As Founder and CEO of Vision Advertising, she has helped hundreds of companies build and grow profitable enterprises.

Laura knows what it takes to pivot fast to meet changing circumstances. Grappling now like every business owner with the impact of coronavirus … on our teams, our clients, our prospects, Laura shares important advice today you won’t want to miss.

She’s the founder and CEO of the award-winning marketing company, Vision Advertising. Laura created, built and ran the growth-oriented enterprise for 19 years with tremendous success, before retiring from active involvement in 2018 at age 37, passing the reins to her successor. Over the years, Laura personally sold several million dollars in ongoing contracts and was named a 40 Under Forty winner at only age 23. Yet when she retired she was simply burnt out and unhappy. After years of classes, workshops, books, and more, Laura was

confused and wondering why the personal development world had let her down and sought to solve the problem. She went on a radical journey of self-discovery, research, and testing, determined to find energy and lasting, fulfilling happiness in all areas of life.

She found her answers with 6 Habits that will help anyone and everyone find their way out of misery and into lasting, fulfilling happiness and limitless possibility. Its wisdom that enables her to see with clarity how to navigate the coronavirus crisis without fear – plus powerful tips for women in business on how to leverage our feminine power, stop seeking permission and never fear ruffling a few feathers.

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