Leanna Giancola

Meet the teenage girl who is already building a life of financial freedom! Leanna Giancola is only 16 and already this female entrepreneur has launched her Profit Playbook program to teach kids investing and financial literacy for kids aged 5-15.

Show Notes

Leanna Giancola is only 16 and already she’s building a life of financial freedom.

With her savings from babysitting, dog walking and “making and selling stuff” she’s already invested in and flipped real estate, “done a hard money loan” and invested in distressed debt.

Her true passion is filmmaking and she wants to fund her path becoming a film director with her own cash.

Leanna just launched her Profit Playbook coaching and mentoring program for kids aged 5-15 – it is never to early to learn about money, she says.

Here are some of Leanna’s tips for girls and women in business:

  • Save and Invest: Even if you don’t have much, keep putting it away. It adds up. Then you can make your money work for you. “That's one of the things that I love so much about investing is that I can use it, I can do it my whole life and it doesn't take up, it's not I have to focus on it 100% of the time. I could focus on it maybe 50% of the time and use the other 50% of the time to just do whatever I feel passionate about.”
  • Surround Yourself With Positive People: “I honestly I could not ask for a better group of people at school because I always try to radiate as much positivity as I can. I've finally really found a group that just does the exact same back.” Leanna says negative people drag you down, so don’t have them in your life.
  • Ignore Teachers Who Say “Marry a Rich Man”: She says one of her teachers told her she didn’t need to know about money, that she could marry a rich man. “I was really shocked by it,” she says.

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