Madeline Jhawar

Creating a Unique Business Model and Scaling with a Certification Model

Ever loved a hobby or activity so much that it was a “no brainer” to turn it into a business?

The most successful entrepreneurs and business owners start out with a burning passion and purpose – and it serves them along the ups and downs to profitability and scale.

Madeline Jhawar turned her passion for traveling in Italy into a thriving company creating custom vacations for curious travelers who want insider knowledge and deep connection to the Italian culture.

She’s the CEO and founder of Italy Beyond the Obvious, founding her business 11 years ago, after living and working in Italy for 5 years and guiding weeklong hiking and biking tours in the luxury sector.

Today she shares how she made the leap into entrepreneurship – plus her innovative business model and now how she is scaling her business.

Listen to learn:

  • All about Madeline’s unique business model disrupting the traditional commissions-based approach in the travel agency world
  • How she took the entrepreneurial leap to turn her passion into a profitable purpose
  • How she serves her ideal clients and keeps them coming back for more
  • Why she thinks there is a huge opportunity for fee-for-service destination experts creating online businesses right now because many travelers are fighting overwhelm and want personal recommendations, insider knowledge, and don’t want to have to problem solve along the way.
  • Why she’s passionate about connecting people to culture and minimize the “us-vs.-them” mentality.

More about Madeline Jhawar at Italy Beyond The Obvious

Listen to Madeline Jhawar on her podcast at Italy Beyond The Obvious

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425 Madeline Jhawar: Beyond The Obvious

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