Mary Cochran + Alison Werning

How early should entrepreneurs invest in branding, marketing and earned media? It’s never too early according to marketing mavens Mary Cochran and Alison Werning, partners in the startup and hi-tech PR firm Launching Labs. We talk about how to create a differentiated message and story in a crowded and noisy marketplace – and why its a prerequsite of success in business.

Show Notes

What is in a brand? Why do some brands stand out from the crowd? And what does it mean for a female founder or innovator to be truly heard?

In today’s noisy marketplace where consumers hold all the cards, differentiating yourself with a standout and influential message – has become a prerequisite of entrepreneurial success.

Yet, all too often women entrepreneurs, heck, ALL entrepreneurs, leaving the branding and marketing to the end, sort of a “cherry on top” – and it can be a costly mistake.

Mary Cochran and Alison Werning are like chocolate and peanut butter. Both good, but when together, awesome things happen.

Mary Cochran has twenty years of marketing, PR and social media experience, focusing on start-ups and hi-tech companies.

Alison Werning is the millennial in the team and she’s got the graphic vision to create unique branding and visual designs – because we all know a picture is worth a 1000 words, right? She’s excelled as a marketing manager and an accessories designer, with degrees in product development and merchandising.

Add it all together and you get – with two entrepreneurs who know how to launch… other entrepreneurs.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Why its never too early to invest in branding
  • How the tempting cheap logo can be a disaster that could kill your company
  • How to get earned media (free PR!)
  • And much more…

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122 Why Your Brand Comes First: Marketing Mavens Mary Cochran and Alison Werning Share Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

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