Rosie Aiello – Minisode

Rosie Aiello staged an international escape after 25 years of domestic abuse – and reinvented herself as an award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author. She puts on the Advice WINGS to share her mission to “end family terrorism”, and how to own and speak your truth and be heard, and maintain your boundaries for success in business and in life.

Show Notes

We all have challenges and setbacks in our lives, and one of the most harrowing for women is long-term domestic abuse and violence. After all, we expect our husbands and partners to love us, support us, and cherish us.

Rosie Aiello staged the international escape to freedom and reinvention back home in the U.S., and in this minisode she shares her mission to help women suffering from abuse to heal and reinvent their lives.

Now an acclaimed entrepreneur, speaker, coach and bestselling author with her new book 11 Hours to Freedom soon to be published, Rosie shows you:

  • How to find strength and purpose in the darkest moments of your life
  • How to establish and enforce boundaries
  • How to own and speak your truth and ask confidently for what you want
  • How to recover from all the limiting beliefs that beset victims of verbal or violent abuse
  • How solving a personal issue solves the business issue every time
  • And more!


More about Rosie Aiello here:, and it's the number 11, 11hours… plural… They will receive a download; they will receive a little booklet called “Ask Confidently for What You Want.”

Read the full transcript here:

95 Escape, Empowerment and Reinvention as an Entrepreneur

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